Grants and Scholarships

An aurora in Lapland, Finland. Stock image from Unsplash. An aurora in Lapland, Finland. Stock image from Unsplash.
The Native American and Global Indigenous Studies (NAGIS) program will continue to work to present opportunities for grants and scholarships for interested faculty and students.


With the support of U-LINK Social Equity funding, we are working over the course of academic year 2020-21 to develop a program of study for undergraduate and graduate students that builds upon existing human, informational, and community resources. One key component of this collective effort will be to include in UM’s permanent curriculum -- across disciplines, departments, and schools -- a series of courses that can be cross-listed with NAGIS when the program is finalized (tentatively, in academic year 2021-22).

To this end, the Working Group solicits applications from University of Miami faculty who would like to join this initiative by creating NAGIS courses in their respective fields. Faculty should click here to learn more about creating a NAGIS course.

Udall Scholarship

The Udall Foundation awards scholarships to college sophomores and juniors for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment.

The Udall scholarship honors the legacies of Morris Udall and Stewart Udall, whose careers had a significant impact on Native American self-governance, health care, and the stewardship of public lands and natural resources.

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BIPOC Scholarships

BIPOC scholarships provide students with money they can use for their tuition and living expenses. These scholarship range in price from just a few hundred dollars to full scholarships that cover the total cost of their programs. Students can also apply for multiple scholarships and win more than one. If you’re a BIPOC student who needs help paying for college, take a look at the top scholarships we found, paying careful attention to due dates and to the other requirements for the scholarships, and checking the scholarship website for the most up-to-date information.

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